Yesterday was the last deadline for COMP2014, and as such our project has come to an end. We had many ups and downs throughout the process and there were many issues that he had to take care of. However overall the project was successful and I am happy with what we built. Considering the amount of time and our experience, I think that our system is decent.

I am very glad to have gotten this opportunity to learn on a real-life project. It taught me a lot. Michael and me worked on the Python backend, and since I never used Python it was a good opportunity to learn a new and exciting language. I was also involved in the hardware, by building Arduino components and adjusting the Raspberry Pi system. This taught me C++ and the operation of Linux, as well as SQL.

What I learned most from the project are not the programming languages and technologies, but the overall design of complex systems. The importance of testing and the different types of testing. The design patterns that we used. Also the importance of communication and cooperation between team members.