Finally I've completed the automatic updating functionality. Michael and Billy had also helped me when I faced problems like installing SQL into my system and also setting up the the flask server. Now it is able to check for its version, if its an older version then it'll automatically download the newest version available on git and call the script file, This script has the commands to

1. Unzip the folder which we've downloaded earlier

2. Killing the pid file which the process ID is stored in it

3. Deleting the older files and replacing it with the new one

4. Restarting the flask server

After that, I continued with working on the hardware. I managed to connect the PIR sensor to the Arduino using the breadboard and wires. To familiarise myself with the PIR sensor, I played around doing simple PIR modules such as adding a LED onto the Arduino. So I studied the example codes online and wrote up a simple code which will light up the LED if there is motion detected by the PIR sensor. It turned out to be quite inconsistent as the PIR sensor doesn't respond the way it is suppose to be sometimes but mostly it does.

So right now, I'm trying to connect the Wifi Shield with my Arduino and make it able to send commands with the Wifi library my groupmate made.
IMG 2546