After trying both fedora and Arch Linux, I decide to use Arch Linux because its building up rather than striping down. I install Arch Linux in my virtual machine VMWare. Then I have to start installing Arch Linux using command step by step. It wasn't wasy and it took me some time.

After that I need to find a Free Speech Recognition Engines for Arch Linux, there are many choices such as: CMU Sphinx, Simon, Julius, VoxForge etc...

After a lot of readings and demo video i decided to try Julius out. I download Julius and unzip it then I need to find something to collect transcribed speech, I used VoxForge. After a lot of try and error I still can't get it working by using the command: $ julius -input mic -C julian.jconf Then I find out need to configuring sound in arch linux byt installing plugins: pacman -S alsa-utils alsa-oss alsa-plugins I also find out need to install julius with alsa: ./configure --with-mictype=alsa It wasn't easy, I spent alot of time in it but I finally get julius working on Arch Linux after a lot of try and error.

Here is a demo I using it:

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