We finally finished the COMP2013 phase of the project 2 days ago. (Round of applause for all team members)

Week 8 was a very trying week for everyone, but team integrity remained solid throughout. Amidst other modules picking up the pace in week 2 of term, we had to finalize the 50-page group report amidst polishing up the code base. We had a meeting with our project supervisor to re-review the structure of the group report, and we decided to put in some last-minute content about testing strategies.

The majority of the work involves actually writing up the 50-page report, so based on a guideline Michael produced, we delegated topics amongst ourselves and wrote up separate reports, which then Michael and Kinga edited, and then the two of them combined those edited versions into the final report. Meanwhile, Terrence, Jerrine, and Kinga worked with the video presentation's V/A streams. As for myself, I completed my write-ups for the report earlier on, so I spent most of my time readying the front-end for COMP2014 features in a separate git branch, and edited several pieces of report work from others to lessen the editorial workload on Kinga and Michael.

Comp2014 frontend prototype

COMP2014 prototype frontend with collapsibles, logging, and server-directed generation of top-menu elements. Sensor polling is work in progress. We used the version showed in the previous week's blog for this submission since this version's API is not compatible with the COMP2013 Python backend

Everyone in the team pretty much spent the week huddled up in the computer labs whenever we don't have lectures until it closes at 7pm, and then we either went to the library or went home to continue working, coordinating via VOIP or text chat where necessary. Not every team I had in past modules had every member showing this kind of dedication to the project - I really enjoyed working in Michael, Kinga, Terrence, and Jerrine, and certainly look forward to working with them again in the future.

Kudos guys, and let's do even better in COMP2014!

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